Metobolic Effect Study with high Intense Training



I just finished reading an article on Metabolic Effects of High Intensity Interval Training. The workouts included body weight movements, power lifting, plyometrics, sprints, playground activities like sled pulls and pushes, mulitple mode training on cardio equipment and heavy rope drills.

The study concluded the following key points;

Growth hormone may increase up to 10 times above baseline.

Heart rate elevates significantly.

Epinephtrine and norepinphrine are elevated 6.3-14.5 times above baseline.

Venous blood return to the heart is enhanced, directly increasing stroke volume.

Lactate levels may increase up to 10 times above baseline.

The sympathetic nervous system, which speeds up neural messages is elevated.

The parasympathetic nervous system, which slows nerual signaling messages is depressed.

Increased lecels of blood glycerol and free fatty acids suggest and early breakwon of triglycerides.

ATP and phosphocreatine decline steadily (used to meet the rapid fuel needs of contracting muscle).

Initially, blood glucose from glycogen breakdown is elevated for exercise fuel, but it may decline during the high intense training session.
That high intensity training you will benefit; improvement in VO2 Max linked to enhanced protection from heart disease. Improves effects on improving insulin sensitivity. The effects on visceral and subcutaneous fat loss are encouraging. The effects on reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressure (when elevated) and improdving on HDL, cholestretol is promising.

Bottom line it appears that this type of training is great for metabolic health so keep up the variety for great results aabd changing it up so you don’t become bored.