Balance hard workouts with a calming cool down.


With the new trend of high intensity interval training and following along is CrossFit with the complex movements and fast pace can lead to injuries and burnout. So why not end your sessions with the mind body cool-down which is designed to calm the nervous system and potentially lessen the chance of injury.

Here are 4 calm cooling exercises to help relax your with proper breathing.

The Cross-Over Up and Down
-Cross right leg over left (left knee is straight-right knee is bent)
-Place both hands on upper thighs.
-Exhale: slowly shift hips back and slide hands down legs, pay attention to what you feel.
-Slowly come to a stop at end of range of motion; DO NOT BOUNCE
-Inhale: reverse direction slowly and come up (hips come forward as you come up) reach arms out and up to ceiling.
-Repeat 10x and switch legs.

Hip Bump
-Stand with feet less than shoulder width apart, arms overhead
-Shift center of core and hips left, while arms reach right
-Place hands overheard for a deeper stretch
-Once you feel your range of motion switch directions.
-Repeat 10 x each direction

Hula Hoop
-Stand feet less than shoulder-width apart, hand on hips keep in mind that you are lengthening your body
-Circle hips/pelvis around feet as if you had a hula hoop moving in your mid-section.
-Advanced movement would be hands overhead.
-Repeat 10x each direction.

This movement opens the spine but you may also feel a pull in the feet.
-Place feet shoulder-width apart and extend both arms in front at shoulder with palms together
-Keep left arm rigid and both eyes on left on left hand.
-Slide right hand towards your back and if possible extend until it’s 180 degrees from left arm
-Slowly release and switch sides
-Repeat 10x each side.

Reference; IDEA Fitness Journal May 2014 A Break from Intensity, author Ryan Crandall.